My Family

This is my beautiful family…



People are always surprised to know that I met my husband when we were in elementary school (although he is a few years younger than me).  He played baseball with my brother, and our families were friends since I was very close in age with his sister.  Over the years our families lives weaved together through sports, and band.  Long story short eventually we realized we liked each other more than friends, and he started to pursue me, a few weeks later asked me out via text, 8 months later we got engaged in New York City, got married in June of 2012. We now have a beautiful son, Charlie, who is the biggest joy, and a precious daughter named Olivia Rose!

When I was dating I would always pray that when the timing was right me and my husband would come together…and God knew that he was right there the entire time, we just needed to be in the right place for us to be together.